Space Exploration

We’ll take kids on a voyage from Earth to Space in this Aerospace Technology series. Through the process, kids will learn how to apply various STEAM-related skills to complete different missions through various exploratory missions.


In the six different adventures, we will learn a lot together. Traveling from the Earth, we will explore how to navigate in our vast universe, then swoosh into the sky with the rocket launcher you build. Floating in the empty space is fun, and we’ll use the Satellite to communicate and achieve the observatory mission. On the ground of alien planets, we will learn to control our robot walker and how to build the base in places that are so different from the Earth. In the end, we will be back to our home planet, the Earth, and try to learn the very essential knowledge about aerodynamics.

6 Aspiring Adventures

Starting the journey from the Earth to the center of the universe, this ZiHAP series invites kids to join these exciting adventures to learn about Aerospace Technology.

Combo Discount

6-in-1 Package

The Space Odyssey package includes all 6 different aerospace technology projects that guide your kids through the amazing journey. With the comprehensive coverage of the topic, the young ones can grasp the latest technology in the fields and learn the basic concept of aerospace tech for them to start their own adventure.

Hands-on Learning

Every Aerospace Technology project comes with a DIY kit for the kids to experience the science through physical objects. Through project-based and problem-based learning, students can explore different ideation processes during the hands-on activity to complete their very own project item. The little makers will be able to not only build the science project but also personalize it through their own design.

By reaching the goal that the children have chosen, they will be able to not only gain new knowledge but also practice and see a real-life project that will apply what they have learned.

ZiHAP Provides Content in
English and Chinese

The ZiHAP box provides activities in both English and Chinese. Kids can play by themselves, or parents and teachers can use the hands-on activities as a way to help children learn another language.