ZiHAP Subscription
ZiHAP Subscription is a platform for children to learn about STEAM subjects through hands-on activities. Doing and playing are the most effective ways to learn. Every month, we’ll give the ZiHAP box to your child along with an exciting project. Over the weekend, you and your children will be able to enjoy the do-it-yourself activity. The instructions are simple to follow, and our design goal is for the child to complete the project without the extra help of their parents.
STEAM Education
STEAM Education is a learning approach that involves Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as gateways to stimulate student inquiry, communication, and critical thinking.
By integrating topics and concepts in STEAM-related fields, our kids will be able to explore the world in a more comprehensive and inter-connected way. It’s no longer for them to study for the score, but for solving problems. Problem-solving is essential for our kids because they need to prepare themselves for jobs that don’t even exist. The mission of the ZiHAP Box is to inspire the next generation of thinkers, shapers, and creators.
Project-based Learning
Learning is no more about memorizing a single fact, but about experimenting with a project that has a clear goal and objectives. Every ZiHAP box will include a fun project for your children to work on. It could be a do-it-yourself project that turns into an interesting and useful gadget, a handcrafting project that allows them to express their creativity or a journey through an experiment that unveils the universe’s secret.
By reaching the goal that the children have chosen, they will be able to not only gain new knowledge but also practice and see a real-life project that will apply what they have learned.
Hands-on Learning
Technology nowadays empowers us greatly in our daily lives, but it also causes us to become addicted to screens. Learning, on the other hand, is not just about absorbing information through the eyes, but also via active participation and hands-on experience. Every month, ZiHAP provides a platform for children to engage in an interactive learning project that requires no additional preparation of materials by parents.
Parents and children can work together on fun projects, overcome challenges, and build their bonds.
Kids can also explore the fascinating world and projects on their own by following directions. The instructions in the ZiHAP box are easy to follow and are designed to help kids complete the project on their own.
Simon Wong (Wong sir), an award-winning teacher who has developed teaching materials in both Hong Kong and China, designed and authorized the ZiHAP Boxes. We make sure that all of our projects include cross-curriculum knowledge in STEAM-related domains.


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