Explore the Unknown – Aerospace Technology

Does your kid dream of becoming an astronaut or a rocket scientist? With the subscription to the Aerospace Technology Series, kids will be able to learn from the experts through several online interactive resources and other hands-on activities that are delivered to them in the box to develop their skills in mathematics, science, technology, engineering, art, and design, and more.


Includes all 6 projects

 STEAM Education

This new ZiHAP series doesn’t just provide students with creative problem-solving skills – it offers them the opportunity to explore exciting career options in these areas. Find out how this ZiHAP subscription can help spark your child’s passion for STEAM!



Hans-on Project-based Learning

Every Aerospace Technology project comes with a DIY kit for the kids to experience the science through physical objects. Through project-based and problem-based learning, students can explore different ideation processes during the hands-on activity to complete their very own project item. The little makers will be able to not only build the science project but also personalize it through their own design.

By reaching the goal that the children have chosen, they will be able to not only gain new knowledge but also practice and see a real-life project that will apply what they have learned.


Technology nowadays empowers us greatly in our daily lives, but it also causes us to become addicted to screens. Learning, on the other hand, is not just about absorbing information through the eyes, but also via active participation and hands-on experience. Every month, ZiHAP provides a platform for children to engage in an interactive learning project that requires no additional preparation of materials by parents.


Parents and children can work together on fun projects, overcome challenges, and build their bonds.
Kids can also explore the fascinating world and projects on their own by following directions. The instructions in the ZiHAP box are easy to follow and are designed to help kids complete the project on their own.


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