STEAM Class Packs

STEAM Education is a learning approach that involves Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as gateways to stimulate student inquiry, communication, and critical thinking.
The class packs are designed for schools that included full-package materials with well-written teaching content.

ZiHAP Teaching

3D Printed Mask Education Kit

The 3D Printed Mask Kit is the educational teaching material kit created with Ever Learning. The materials are designed to meet the teaching objectives and the knowledge of the course content.

Besides tailor-made content, we also provide the teacher training session to help teachers get to familiarize the details and the usage of the teaching material.

Our philosophy in designing and producing STEAM kits is to give all students the opportunity to participate in learning activities and to develop scientific thinking and creativity through hands-on learning in real-life situations.

Teaching Material
Design Principles

STEM For All

The mission of ZiHAP is to provide educational school kits for the education community. Through a creative learning curriculum, students can experience the “STEM For All” learning environment and do something different with their hands.

EDB x 3D Printed Mask

Learning and Teaching in STEM Activities

We are honored to have been selected by a number of secondary schools under the Quality Education Fund to design the 3D printed masks for their curriculum.

Quality Education Fund x 3D Printed Mask

Learning and Teaching Expo

Ever Learning x 3D Printed Mask

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